Do you hear’t?

life, love, memories, mom, Poetry

She loved speaking

                       In most parents silence

It’s only now I know

                               Her voice was loud

                                                           Because her heart was too.



change, creative-writing, life, love, Poetry, trust


     Why O’ U

Change to stay the same

     Like cherry trees in May

I find myself

       In my self apart

  Seemingly worthless

     Like a gift without

             A tag

We, despite growing


Become        young

If only in our dreams

NOT                                          ICE

creative-writing, life, love, memories, poem, time

Notice how little you notice?

That lull in your ear

The one you get every so often

Mirror into bird relays; chirp chirp

Footsteps reconnect…

A dog barks it’s two cents

Shadow’s waltz In & out

The slight quiver in her voice

When she laughs


How in a group of people

Only your eyes meet “hey”

That false trip she does

Just to hold on to you a little longer

Notice how little you notice?

Sunset, sunrise, timelines