A means to an End

creative-writing, death, Haiku, life, Poetry


Face your(soul)f now

While you still have a name

Before “body” calls


Maybe potential

As to say potent shall, what?

Sees us (seizes) in


Place your foot forward
Knowing the ground underneath
Might soon be “home” sweet



change, creative-writing, life, love, Poetry, trust


     Why O’ U

Change to stay the same

     Like cherry trees in May

I find myself

       In my self apart

  Seemingly worthless

     Like a gift without

             A tag

We, despite growing


Become        young

If only in our dreams


creative-writing, life, memories, Poetry, time

I confuse E-motion with motion

Just because your heart beats alike

Doesn’t mean they’re the same

Guess that’s why I keep running to stand still

Some words stay embedded in me

Like the time my father told me

“I’d rather risk losing you than watch you lose yourself”

“Son, you’re just a sum of days

As each day passes on to the next

A piece of you fades away”

NOT                                          ICE

creative-writing, life, love, memories, poem, time

Notice how little you notice?

That lull in your ear

The one you get every so often

Mirror into bird relays; chirp chirp

Footsteps reconnect…

A dog barks it’s two cents

Shadow’s waltz In & out

The slight quiver in her voice

When she laughs


How in a group of people

Only your eyes meet “hey”

That false trip she does

Just to hold on to you a little longer

Notice how little you notice?

Sunset, sunrise, timelines