Tracing my footsteps, only to find they faded
Looking for the shadow that I once created
The wind whispers “follow my lead”,almost captivated
Where am I to turn to when all the paths are gated?

I dream to live big

But in reality I have it small

I could be in a trance

And still have time to fall 



​​Change as pragmatic as this

Causes centuries to interlope 

Stars to intertwine

Crooked lines to line

Words redefined to suit me
Like the deduction of paintings
Add another cross to the tally
That stands drawn in some back alley

Weak, indecisive, too sentimental
Attributes, which in part, reveal
Like most trouble souls, a fraction
Of some hidden depth ….

Change as implausible as this
Causes doves to hit glass
Reality will settle in eventually
Like a guest unannounced


​You felt it bare 

On nights like this

How can I say

“I’m sorry”

When i’m not

You can’t claim passion

Without fear of pride

We all welcome sleep 

Until it slowly dies

I’m numb to “us”

On days like this

How can you say

“I forgive you”

When you’re glad

Vague Frames

​It’s a soundless noise

The type only the deaf understand

Jokingly he utters, why?

Why can’t I respond?

Far removed is the thought

That his tongue is not mine

Like a penguin out of line

“It’s sacred simplicity, friend”

Your blessed with zen


​I would count cars from the balcony

With my stubby index finger; tap, tap

Childish notions on God and earth

“The suns following us mom”, I say

Only thing that mattered, really

Were the inner workings of imigination 

Before the proverbial “boy meets girl”

And the truth was purely innocent

Wonder and adventure hidden in all

Had us fanning our delight; childs play

Why grow up? Why stay young?

It takes courage to admit 

We want both

With reality’s intercession

It happens

​Silky silhouette; contorted

Flashes of a hush-hush tale

Reenact; like a whisper escapes

The causal eavesdropper

Curt answers, logical solutions

Mediocre results, infinite loops

An oxymoron of sorts

We find everything in nothing…

​Sunday mornings

Light and sound 

Cocoons of reverie
Pardon the ruse

A man, but a child
With a sudden twitch
Is seen through
A stranger’s Scarlet eyes

The familiar rush
Of blood to the head
Teaches light passages
To those with dead eyes

A “bang” demands notice
Like a servant amongst the sharks
Negatives take sides
Reality tears ensue

Sincerly Yours…

Sincerly Yours,

Whats Sincere about Good & Bye

This sacred simplicity provokes

From the heart a smile.

You(Why Oh You)

More than ever

Its a love/hate paradox

Leaning towards never

Only before ease

Does struggle surface

Quietly pleased with whatevers certain